A collection of 10,000 unique, powerful & diverse Women, already leaving a mark in the NFT space! 🌈 Each WoW NFT was 0.07Ξ to mint and was revealed instantly on worldofwomen.art! Led & illustrated by original content artist @YKarkai. Join our Discord Our twitter: @worldofwomennft ⚡World of Women launched on July 27th 2021 at 9pm CEST and sold out overnight⚡

🌊The collection now lives on OpenSea!🌊 We recommend you navigate the collection with this amazing explorer tool 🌍

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What is this World made of?

World of Women is a collection of Women NFTs. They are each unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. They are also what is now widely called "provably-rare" as they are built from individual attributes with varying levels of rarity.


The whole collection is the work of @YKarkai in her signature hand drawn colorful style using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. You can check out her genesis Cryptoart collection "Women by Yam - Females in the spotlight" that released on Foundation & OpenSea. It's currently sold out but several pieces can be found for sale on the secondary market.

Brand's manifesto

Our intention with WoW is to balance representation in the NFT space while at the same time pushing it forward and supporting causes that are close to our hearts, all through a collection of powerful, diverse and awesome Women.



As a team we also strongly value transparency which is why we shared 100% of the drop's initial features before its launch. We wanted people to have informations at hand when deciding whether to join us or not. We knew where we wanted to bring World of Women and each sales milestone is a clear deliverable from our end.