By owning a WoW NFT you own the underlying artwork and all of its Intellectual Property

Full IP assignment agreement

Yes, you read it right, our new Intellectual Property Assignment agreements grants you complete ownership of your WoW.

Where we used to grant each owner a license with commercial rights to your WoW we’ve decided to go one step further towards decentralization and transfer all rights to the art to each holder completely.

So if you were worried to go all-in with your WoW becoming your next business’ digital identity for fear we might use it ourselves on a completely different project, fear no more!

We - the WoW team - have renounced to our “master” license and can’t use WoW we do not own without their owners’ approval anymore. Why, you say? Because we’ve given away their individual IP to you, our community, and we take IP very seriously.

By the way, we’ve allowed ourselves to do this change because it gives you (the holders) more rights than you already had. We would never make a move that would restrict your rights. And as of now, the WoWs are yours, so it’s all in your hands anyway!


If it still looks too good to be true and you’re looking for how it would work on specific corner cases then we’ve got you covered with those Frequently Asked Questions (yes a FAQ) regarding our new IP assignment agreement:

I have created or commissioned derivative art of my WoW. What happens when I sell my WoW?

Everything created around your WoW during your ownership of the NFT does not transfer when you sell it or give it away. The derivative works remain in their current owners’ possession.

See Article 4

I have used my WoW to create a brand of hoodies. Produced 1000 of them, sold 600, and have 400 left in stock. Can I still sell them after I sold my WoW?