WoW NFTs aren't only beautiful tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. By acquiring one you'll get access to several perks!

  1. By owning a WoW NFT you own the underlying artwork and all of its Intellectual Property read the complete agreement here. Or our FAQ here

  2. Your WoW NFT is part of 7 different Worlds. Holding the token makes you eligible for an exclusive airdrop of NFT artworks by established artists from the space. Earn up to 7 exclusive NFTs by collecting a WoW NFT from each worlds! Learn more about the worlds here!

  3. Each WoW NFT is a 800x800 png available to all the right click save guys outthere. But only by owning its NFT will you be able to unlock the 4000x4000 file of a specific WoW NFT you love and use it for prints, derivatives, or whatever you fancy! To download the 4000x4000 file of your WoW NFTs, just go to, connect your wallet, then go to My WoW NFTs and click on "Generate HD link" under the WoW NFT you want. This will request you to sign in your wallet before downloading the file!

  4. As much as we love NFTs, we're also fans of seeing art on walls being enjoyed by friends and family. We'll airdrop up to 100 signed framed prints to token owners. Just own a WoW NFT to be eligible! The 100 lucky winners will be announced in a livestream twitch event. Note that there will be only a max of one print shipped by wallet so we can make more community members happy!

  5. Owning a WoW NFT makes you part of the WoW Family: a very friendly and helpful community of women and men on Discord and Twitter. Members have access to dedicated channels to recommend art and artists they love and will be at the center of all future activations around the project. They also have a green name on Discord. Invaluable!

  6. Some extremely rare WoW NFTs are members of a Club which allow their owners to take part in the activities of the WoW Fund (More about it here)