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The Artists

Rainbow Orb — Diela Maharanie

dielamaharanie_portrait - Diela Maharanie.jpeg

Diela Maharanie is an illustrator and visual artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩

She is a self taught artist. Her works are colorful and bright, filled with vibrant patterns of super saturated hues, with a hint of mystery for the character ❤️ Diela's colors and patterns come across in dreamy illustrations and ethereal imagery ✨

dielamaharanie_fav_spectrum - Diela Maharanie.jpeg

dielamaharanie_fav_herstory - Diela Maharanie.JPG

She started illustration in 2006. Her illustrations, paintings and embroidery works have been showed in several exhibitions in various countries. She has collaborated with big global brands such as Instagram, Adidas, Samsung and many more. Through fabrics and embroidery she explores different mediums that helps her illustration. Currently, she also creates embroidery and tufted rugs 🙌

We are very excited to have Diela for this Season's Artdrop 🥂

Rainbow Orb Artdrop - She’s Like A Rainbow


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Mother Earth — Roya Ghassemi

Roya Ghassemi. Portrait - Roya Ghassemi.jpg

Roya Ghassemi's an Iraninan-German 🇮🇷🇩🇪 artist with a degree in Graphic Design.

She conveys freedom and powerful emotions through art. Her female portraits and figures are set in magical and dreamlike spaces ✨ Her art tells the story of her own inner journey. The creative process of bringing her art to life allows for the clear translation of complex ideas that circle her mind 🎨

Roya Ghassemi.Fav2.Dreamland - Roya Ghassemi.gif

Roya Ghassemi.Fav. Cari - Roya Ghassemi.gif

By making elegant and archetypal images of these ideas, she is able to transform and grow with each new artwork, while touching peoples’ lives in ways that bring mutual inspiration and joy 💗 Always connected to nature, animals and the emotive power of color, her art depicts the soul’s journey to freedom in a deeply felt way that transcends words 🌌

We are very excited to have Roya for this Season's Artdrop 🥂